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NUANGELS. THE HEART. A fairy tale for adults. Any similarity with events and characters is not coincidental!

On the 24th of March, on the eve of its 10th anniversary, NUANGELS will travel across the country with their great jubilee tour “THE HEART”. The show will not only be the biggest in the history of the duo, but it also going to be very personal for Slava and Victoria. Right from the scene actresses will tell the audience about the most intimate moments of their career.

It has been known for a long time that in fairy tales you can find more truth than in real life. Life is changeable and full of coincidences. Fairy stories recur from century to century.

That is why the new show of NUANGELS in its form will remind a fairy tale – though told with a modern twist. It will be based on the stories of Slava and Victoria – how two ordinary girls from ordinary families fulfilled the dream of their life and became pop divas adored by millions. On the show “THE HEART” the audience together with Slava and Victoria again will live through this beautiful 10-year-long history.

“For the first time, we will sincerely tell about the brightest and most difficult moments that have happened to us during the entire 10 years of our career. – Says Slava. – About inhuman efforts that we needed to make in order to become what we are. “

“The show “THE HEART” is a candid conversation between us and the audience – continues Victoria – we will tell about the qualities you need to cultivate in yourself to go through all the difficulties and disappointments, and earn the love of the audience.”

Jubilee tour of NUANGELS “THE HEART”, begins on March 24 in Cherkassy which will culminate with the great show in Kiev Sports Palace on 12th of May 2016.

Prepare your hearts to the fairy tale! Happy-end is guaranteed!

Buy tickets – here!

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