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The song HIGHER which was performed by the duo on 13’th of February at the final of national round of Eurovision – is the call to be above difficulties, doubts and disagreements.

It gives the certainty that every individual and the country as a whole are ready to “spread their wings” and rush into happiness, freedom and prosperity.

“Such a positive attitude – is exactly what all of us need now. And this is exactly the way Ukrainians should be treated in Europe” – convinced Yuri Nikitin, producer of the group NUANGELS.

The song HIGHER was created by the team of Swedish hitmakers headed by well-known producer, composer and philosopher Alexander Bard (Army of Lovers, Vacuum, Gravitonas, BWO). Like many other compositions of Swedish genius, this one is filled with deep meaning. And – which is more – it radiates joy and readiness to create and to overcome any obstacles.

“With this song we want to declare Ukrainians as strong people who are ready to to change their country for the better, – says Slava. – And these changes are possible only in case we are able to “be higher” – morally, spiritually, psychologically”

“Besides, this song is totally correspond to the spirit of the contest. – conti

nues Victoria. – Eurovision is first of all a holiday that unites millions of people in their desire to – at least fore a while forget about the problems and get positive energy. ”

“We want to draw the attention of audiences around the world to the beauty and goodness of our people, the strength of our voices, our confidence in the bright future of Ukraine!” – Adds Yuri Nikitin.

In addition to the proper mood, the song HIGHER due to its format has good chances to resound on top-rated radio stations in Europe. Combined with powerful voices and charisma of NUANGELS it gains a truly explosive potential.

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