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Supported by cult Swedish philosopher, religious activist, artist, music producer and a genius songwriter Alexander Bard

On 26th of January pop duo NUANGELS were announced as participants of Ukrainian national round of Eurovision. The Duo has firm intention to win. And this intention has every reason to come to life.

10 years of the duo’s existence brought to Slava and Victoria not only the love of millions of Ukrainians but also adherence of Swedish hit makers headed by Alexander Bard (Army of Lovers, Vacuum, Gravitonas, BWO).

Friendship between Alexander Bard and NUANGELS began in 2013 when Swedish musicians wrote song COURAGEOUS especially for the duo. This time Alexander Bard along with Andreas Öhrn, Chris Wahle wrote for NUANGELS song “HIGHER”. «Considering amazing voices of Slava and Viktoria this song has good chance to lead them to victory» – Says Bard. «We would be happy to see NUANGELS at the final of Eurovision in Stockholm».

«To give the team more confidence and to support optimistic spirit of the vocalists we decided that song “HIGHER” should be recorded in Stockholm – where Eurovision is going to take place and where this song came into the world, – says music manager of the group Yuriy Nikitin. – Alexander Bard and his team support Nuangels’s participation and it is a huge inspiration for us»

Preparing for the national round of the main song contest of Europe, Slava and Viktoria plunged into creative work. They have already recorded song “HIGHER” at the legendary studio, where such famous musicians like The Beatles, ABBA, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Roxette, Red One, Chicago and many others have recorded their songs.

«We believe that it is a great chance for NUANGELS to represent Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest and we are looking forward to the support of our Ukrainian fans. – adds Yuriy Nikitin.

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